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Special Olympics of Northern California


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Palm Foleo

Ink, paper, dies, and factories; with athletes, divas, scientists, and more.

Hello, 2016!

26th January 2016 by ninavizz

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my world, here—this place intended to be my primary web presence. Medium has become the landing-pad for most of my online blatherings, and my offline endeavors have had little to do with what I created this website to support. The short version: I launched an incredible product of my own with venture backing through a fiscal sponsor NetRoots Nation (as it was initially intended to be a 510(c)3), and spent just over 18mos in the spin-cycle of entrepreneurship.
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Public vs. Private

17th February 2014 by ninavizz

On Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and the insistence that private options are safe, progressive, and good for drivers. They’re not. Yet. Also published on Medium.

Ever since Uber launched, it’s been heavily criticized. Mostly by State Public Utility Commissions, govt officials behind the PUCs, and angry cabbies. Career cabbies being put out of work by on-call limo drivers, I wasn’t happy about. Read more…

Give More

20th December 2013 by ninavizz

To end 2013, I wrote a post on Medium that highlighted some of my favorite local non-profits, with the ask that folks read & consider funneling their year-end donations to a local organization.

The recent busses debacle has only amped-up tensions in SF rising from class disparities. Let’s do something to minimize them. Please.

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