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In thoughts

By ninavizz

New site, new direction!

On 23, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In thoughts | By ninavizz

2001: Woohoo, I have a website!
2006: Ok, that took a while… but *finally* the re-design is live! 
2009: Whew, updated! Yes, I know the Javascript is seriously out of date… on the To Do list!
2012: Huh- my furniture-maker friend’s WP site that I just threw together is kinda neat. Sure, it’s not all custom-o-rific, but quick updates can’t be beat!

· · ·
A designer’s portfolio is this holy, golden thing of sorts. When vetting folks for hire, I’ve always loved that. As the designer for hire, I’ve always hated that. Over the years I’ve also picked-up from friends & colleagues, that I’m kind of not alone in this.

There’s supposed to be a level of finality and polish in how deliverables get showcased, in one’s portfolio of work. It’s (understandably) an expectation that the portfolio site itself be each designer’s unique expression of clever/sexy narrative designerliciousness. For print work and some visual design I’ve found all the above to be a great formula. For the direction my work has taken in recent years however, presenting the evidence of my contributions to the projects I’ve enjoyed the most in this fashion, has seemed to disproportionately glorify fancy deliverables (yawn) over the work itself.

I love making wonderful things come to fruition that make end users happy. Sometimes that involves wireframes, sometimes that involves spreadsheets, sometimes that involves playing games on post-its or butcher-paper with clients, and often times it means just saying “yes” to the right things and knowing how to prioritize (or just ditch) the rest. It always involves stories, and the end narrative is what matters to me more with great products, when I evaluate other people’s work.

This past week I read pieces by both Jared Spool and Whitney Hess that spoke to this conflict, and they gave me the chutzpah to ditch my existing site format that needed a full re-design… spare myself the headache (and the loathing- I hate website design, second only to coding) and to just quickly liberate myself with a site that for once, isn’t a burden, and that just maybe—I like—as a living artifact.

Sharing thoughts on design more informally than I had been doing (and ran out of interest with) on, I’m looking forward to doing, here. Sharing tidbits on incomplete or heavily redacted NDA’d work, I’m also looking forward to doing. So: Welcome to my newly curated, less-formal and hopefully more informative site. Of course if there are any bugs, or you have thoughts on it’s execution/design, do drop me a line.

It’s sunny out, and a Friday- time to go play!

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