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In thoughts

By ninavizz

So it goes, and I learn…

On 06, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In thoughts | By ninavizz

UPDATE: Good heavens, what an adventure! Almost a week later I’m all child-theme‘d out, and have learned more than I could have ever expected. I could not have rescued my site’s clumsy breakage by WP-n00b-me, were it not for the amazing, second to none support from my WP Theme’s author Andre Gagnon, and his comrade Eric Schmidt (no, not that one).

Yes, some CSS hover/active/focus/etc. typography quirks remain that would have made plotz a few weeks ago- but this gal wants to finish getting all the content completed & live, and to relegate the CSS Zen Garden troubleshooting to when my brain feels up for it, in the days ahead. Looking forward to completing the official 1.0 hard-launch version of my new site, here… and to then just updating it with new stuff as it happens, and migrated content on rainy days. Life is good. 🙂

Monday, 04 June 7:15am
Updating my WP backend & theme together, sadly “broke” a number of things. PHP, js, and CSS across multiple files- good times. Learning as I go, learning as I go. And of course, this has also taken time away from my ability to briskly complete required portfolio updates.

It’s 8am, I have a full pot of coffee, half a pack of Red Vines, I’m wearing sunglasses, and it’s grey out. LET’S DO THIS!!

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