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In thoughts

By ninavizz

Give More

On 20, Dec 2013 | No Comments | In thoughts | By ninavizz

To end 2013, I wrote a post on Medium that highlighted some of my favorite local non-profits, with the ask that folks read & consider funneling their year-end donations to a local organization.

The recent busses debacle has only amped-up tensions in SF rising from class disparities. Let’s do something to minimize them. Please.

I also wanted an excuse to use Medium, and this seemed perfect. It’s an interesting platform. I’m still ambivalent about how it may or may not be better than traditional blogging. I see the intentions of the founders, but they’re not wholly convincing. I do appreciate it’s simple elegance.

My only concrete thoughts about Medium thus far, have been: a) why no tags (because there is a fine line between ‘simple’ and ‘deplete’)? and b) ok, yes—a simpler interface is lovely—but then I get hung-up looking for a nice photo, and want to go back to old-skool blogging… clunkier interface(s) for both reading & writing, and all. Maybe that’s just cuz I’m a designer though, and for me writing is an escape (and yes, having to add a friggin photo kills it).

I’ve had fun finding photos for my last few entries, though. This is my whole feed. Enjoy!

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