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In thoughts

By ninavizz

Hello, 2016!

On 26, Jan 2016 | No Comments | In thoughts | By ninavizz

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my world, here—this place intended to be my primary web presence. Medium has become the landing-pad for most of my online blatherings, and my offline endeavors have had little to do with what I created this website to support. The short version: I launched an incredible product of my own with venture backing through a fiscal sponsor NetRoots Nation (as it was initially intended to be a 510(c)3), and spent just over 18mos in the spin-cycle of entrepreneurship.

I learned, I learned, I learned, I learned some more, and this past September I retreated to Oregon to help my fella get his farm business off the ground—and now I’m back. Hungry to work on new projects (that don’t require my sucking-up to VCs), and hungry to get back into working with other folks excited to build products that bring real meaning to real users.

A few highlights from the above described adventure:

· EqualTogether — my startup I launched in late 2014. Please send me a note if you’d like to view the archived product, and I’ll gladly send over credentials. Its blog is a great representation of my journey developing the core product (a reporting platform).

· Tech Diversity Files — a Medium publication I proudly curate as my ongoing contribution to the conversations around inclusion and bias in product creation/cultures.

· During the 2015 holidays, I also launched an Etsy store.

Going forward I’m excited to learn about the tech and design communities in my new homestate of Oregon—and once we figure-out how to wrangle a 20 acre farm, I hope to spend more time back in the Bay Area as either a part-time resident or frequent visitor. I’m excited for new opportunities and new projects in the months ahead. Please get in touch if you’d like to chat-up working together!

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