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my ongoing meditation on systems, human cognition, and how to best collaborate with teams to delight and empower both.

BEA Participate!08 BEA Participate!08 BEA Participate!08 BEA Participate!08 BEA Participate!08 BEA Participate!08

On 18, Apr 2008 | In | By ninavizz

BEA Participate!08

Primary Tasks: UX/product strategy, hybrid interaction/visual design, content strategy & copywriting

From April 12-15th 2008, BEA Systems hosted their annual user conference in Chicago. Upon arrival, all attendees were given iPod Touch devices pre-configured for the conference, and prior to the conference were introduced to its website through Registration.

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Palm Foleo Palm Foleo Palm Foleo Palm Foleo Palm Foleo Palm Foleo Palm Foleo

On 14, Aug 2007 | In | By ninavizz

Palm Foleo

Primary Tasks: Client-site workshops, hybrid interaction/visual design, weekly micro-usability testing, prototype building in Flash. VERY quick iteration.

This was probably one of the most full-team, highly collaborative projects I’ve ever worked on. The initial ask was to simply polish a dowdy & troublesome suite of native apps on the yet-to-launch Palm Foleo device. And maybe the OS. At the eleventh hour, before the product’s long awaited launch.

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Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo!

On 08, Feb 2007 | No Comments | In | By ninavizz


From March 2005 through 2006, I worked with Yahoo!’s HotJobs business-unit. In March of 2006, I joined the Platform Products Group, to work with the Yahoo! Network Standards UED team. My role was Senior Visual Designer,and with both teams I delighted greatly in the wealth of opportunities to collaborate with & learn from some of the best interaction designers & user researchers in the biz.

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By ninavizz

On 20, Apr 2006 | In | By ninavizz


In 2004 I worked at AOL’s Mountain View office in a visual design group directed by Philip Kim, within Mike Macadaan & Lisa Malmud’s design organization. My time there was spent working on a new “broadband specific” platform for AOL, that involved completely re-designing all of its live products to better capitalize on post dial-up bandwidth capabilities & more modern laptop monitors.

I primarily worked on AOL’s You’ve Got Pictures! product, and a product whose intent was to compete with iTunes—AOL Media Player (aka AMP)—that never launched.

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