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Short Form, Third-Person bio:
Nina Alter is a User Experience craftsperson, passionate about empowering users and making technology a greater delight in the people's lives it touches. Her approach to design is a hybrid of User Experience Design and User Centered Design processes and values. She's a believer in aggressively seeking information about human needs, and balancing research findings with design vision.
Nina holds a BFA in Graphic Design from California College of Arts and Crafts, and left the world of physical product & packaging design in 2004 to give the digital-thing a stab. She's since worked with many incredible product groups, including teams at Adobe, AOL, Yahoo!, and Palm. Nina lives in San Francisco.

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I'm a proud graduate of Ann Arbor Community High in my homestate of Michigan, a former motorcycle (road) racer, and an alumni of the Youth Residency program at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater house in Bear Run, Pennsylvania. Yep- I sat in those dining-room chairs for a few meals, and they are horridly uncomfortable.

When not at work I enjoy petting other people's dogs, corrupting today's youth through instruction in bicycle mechanics and metal fabrication at The Crucible, working as a contributing artist with Survival Research Laboratories, following the Detroit Redwings while cursing their opponents, and riding the slopes at Kirkwood. Recent obsessions include cooking, sewing, and home coffee roasting